This week I gave my speech of the week at my lunchtime Toastmasters Club PNC PREP Speaks. This speech is about a new app I discovered this week that’s allowed me to forget the snooze button and accomplish my goals.

Madam Toastmaster, Fellow Toastmasters, and guests,

I want everyone to close their eyes then imagine you’re having the best sleep of your life. You’re having a dream of you lying on the beach with the warm sun against your face and a cold drink in your hand.


(Play my alarm clock.)

You jump out of bed scrambling to hit the snooze button and climb back into bed. Then fast foward 5 min later.

(Play my alarm clock.)

5 min later

(Play my alarm clock.)

Today, I’m going to talk about an app, available on iPhone and Android, that can help you forget you the snooze button and accomplish your goals.  First, I want to talk about the person who helped create it.  You might know him.

Can I see a show of hands of anyone who doesn’t knows who’s The Rock?

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is best know as a professional wrestler and movie star. He’s starred in such films the Mummy, Fast and Furious, a new Baywatch movie, and he also stars in the HBO series, Ballers.

The other thing you might not know is that his Instagram account is one of the most motivating accounts on the photo sharing social media app.  While I’m struggling to wakeup by 5 am to complete my goal of writing 750 words every day, The Rock is up at 4 am lifting ungodly amounts of weight.  It’s easy to say that I could look like that if I only had all that money, trainers, chefs, and time but we all know that’s really just an excuse. There are plenty of celebritites, athletes, or other rich people that don’t look like The Rock.  The reason he’s become so successful is because he’s been consistent. He’s doing the small things everyday.

That’s what’s great about the app he helped create and released this week.  #TheRockClock is an alarm clock based on the idea of completing your goals.  It’s free and requires no sign up.  You download it, set your goal, a time frame to complete your goal, and a time to wake up.  Then you select you’re alarm many of which are recorded with The Rock. Each morning when you wakeup you’re greeted with a new motivational picture or video to start your day. The screen also displays your goal and what day you’re currently on. I don’t what it is but I think it’s the combination of having to hit multiple buttons, seeing my goal, and looking at the motivational message has motivated me to skip the snooze button, because there isn’t one, and go achieve my goal for the day.  I’ve been using this app for the past week and I’ve hit my goal of writing 750 words every day.  

Another feature is your ability to set your alarm to Rock Time which is the time The Rock is waking up. The Rock is using this app along with all of us.  On the first day the Rock Time was 4:15am but it flucuates I imagine based on his schudule.  The next day it was 4:45am.

Why you should consider downloading The Rock Clock?

I think it comes down to a value proposition. What would you pay for an app that helps you not to his the snooze button, because it doesn’t have one, and accomplish your goals. I’d pay a significant amount of money. That’s the best part. The apps free so there is no excuse. 

It’s time to get up, get motivated, and achieve your goals because The Rock, myself, and Battle Cat are forgetting the snooze button.

Madam Toastmaster.