It’s one of my greatest enemies, a force of resistance that I’ve been fighting for years. Most days I win but there are still some days I lose.

Something that’s happened during the past year is that I’ve developed a bad habit of waking up, grabbing my phone, and having what I call, “Brain Dead Time.” I’ll proceed to check my email and social media sometimes wasting as much as a half hour. A half hour I could have spent writing. When I first started this habit I made the excuse that this was somewhat like work. I was catching up on what happened last night but then I found myself mindlessly scrolling without a real purpose. It needs to stop.

This past week, The Rock, announced the release of an alarm clock app called, The Rock Clock. I know it sounds cheesy but I’ve found it helpful.

Here’s why: The alarm clock is centered around the idea of you achieving your goals and it features The Rock singing a number of the ringtones. It also has two other cool features:

  1. Rock Time: Which is suppose to be the time The Rock is waking up everyday. Supposedly, he’s using this app right along with all of it’s users.  You’re able to choose that alarm clock so you can wake up the same time as The Rock. He’s wakeup time has varied from 4:15 am to 4:45 am.
  2. Daily Motivation: Each morning after you turn off the alarm, you’re shown a screen that shows your current goal, what day you’re currently on, and a button to see a daily motivational message from The Rock. The first two days this message was in the form of videos from The Rock. The past two days its has featured an image with a motivational message. Finally, to close the app you need to click a third button that is labeled, GET AFTER IT.  That’s three buttons you have to push and a motivational message you can to watch.

You don’t need to watch the message, you can just click the, GET AFTER IT, button, but I feel like this process of hitting multiple buttons and focusing your brain on you current goal and a motivating message to achieve your goal is a powerful stimulate to get you up and start working.

I’ve been using the app for the past few days, and I haven’t hit the snooze button once-because the app doesn’t have on- or fallen victim to brain dead time. I’ve been waking up and accomplishing one of my goals every morning.

How much would you pay to have an app that gets you out of bed, motivated, and ready to achieve your goals? That app would be priceless to someone like me.

Here’s the best part?

It’s free.