I remember when I was maybe four, my family was on my grandparent’s boat on the river for Pittsburgh’s Fourth of July celebration.  Once the fireworks began, I ran into the cabin crying because I think I thought they were going to hit us.  I know now that it was ridiculous but no amount of begging and pleading could persuade me to come out to watch the show.

I’ve been thinking about this event because I’m trying to write a humorous speech about the events that took place that night.  A few more events happened that night that made everyone forget about my emotional outburst. Later this week, I’ll write about events during my Speech of the Week.

When I think about crying in the cabin of that boat and ruining my Fourth of July, and probably my mother’s holiday too. I’m reminded about how this is similar to the way many us of act in our adult lives. Instead of having temper-tantrums in the cabin of our grandparent’s boat, we’re having those same arguments in our head.

How many things are we afraid to do because we build them up in our heads?

For me, I can think of two things.

  1. Writing this daily blog
  2. Speaking in public

I used to worry about what other might think.  This fear kept me from even trying to accomplish these goals.  Now, I write a blog post everyday and present a speech every week.

The area I’m focusing on now is the idea of not holding anything back. That place of freedom is where I’ll be able to produce my best work.  That’s were I want to go.

It’s not easy. It’s much easier to hold back.


There is less of a chance of looking like a fool.  If you hold back you might be boring but you probably won’t look stupid because most other people would have reacted exactly the same way.  If you do let go, then there is a chance you could embarrass yourself. There is also a chance you might surprise yourself.  Surprising yourself is probably the only way you’ll impress anyone else.

Which path would you rather choose: boring and safe, or exciting and risky?

What’s the worst that can happen?

That’s a good place to start. Answer that question then answer the next question.

Usually after you answer you’re own questions, you’ll realize that there answers don’t seem so scary.  They may seem downright sensible.

What’s your answer?