The kids are watching @danieltigertv while I’m trying to understand @Snapchat.

My question is how can Snapchat help me to continue to express and share my work with others.

My kids like watching old Mr. Rogers episodes. In an episode we watched yesterday, Mr Rogers had Bill Nye, the science guy, on to demonstrate how to blow up a balloon without using our breath. After Bill Nye left, Mr. Rogers made the point that it’s amazing how many live to share what they do. That is really the whole premise behind Mr. Rogers. He’s allowing others to share their work with us. 

Many people, like Bill Nye, have made careers out of sharing what they know. It’s a lesson or a path all of us can follow. This might not lead to a new career but how would your life benefit from you sharing what you know with others?

This is one of the reasons I write. I hope something I write can help someone solve there problem, start a new goal, or discover something new.

Today, I’m trying to figure out if Snapchat can help assist me with my goals