One Sentence Review:

The boys from Queens are back in full feature-length movie but it sadly continues down the same scattered path of its last season on HBO.

Extended Review:

In my opinion, the first two or three seasons of Entourage are some of the best TV on HBO. I’m not saying that it’s the best quality with the best acting of any HBO series. All I’m saying is that I enjoy those first few seasons more than almost anything the service has to offer. I watched those seasons more than once. This show is an example of what HBO has been missing for the past few years. Though I think that void is being filled by relatively new series, Ballers.

To put it simply, I’m a big fan of the series. Even though I think the movies follows the same path as the final few seasons, meaning it’s pretty bad, that’s not to say that their are not parts of this movie that I don’t like but the movie as a whole is awful. It’s a scattered mess that had good intentions and sometimes hits them. This movie could have been good and if broken down into its former half hour format the storylines used in the film could have worked. For example, when the movie touches on its core such as the opening sequence it works for me as a fan of the series or when it focuses on the side characters, anyone other than Vince or E’s relationship with Sloan which is something I don’t think anyone understands, such Turtle, Drama, and Ari. Drama and Ari have always been the two characters that have made this show for me. I enjoy watching there ups and downs. n the end, the whole thing felt like a final season of entourage jammed into a full length feature film. They should have cut out all the excess storylines and focused on three things: Vince making this big budget movie (without giving him much screen time), Ari dealing with how to get the picture financed (but cut the billionaire son played my the kid from the sixth sense), and how all of this impacts the rest of the crews life (Does anybody care about E and Sloan’s completely unrealistic relationship?). I’m okay with Vince directing a huge blockbuster movie, E hooking up with a bunch of ridiculously hot women, Turtle becoming ridiculously rich and dating Ronda Rousey (Why not?), Ari dealing with Lloyd’s wedding requests, and Drama stressing over his small role in Vince’s film (I didn’t understand the release the video of Drama on Mr. Skin so far into the movie. Why didn’t the video come out in the beginning of the film or before and then show the impact throughout? This was an example of something that felt like a half episode storyline jammed into the end of the movie.)

Lastly, the end of this film is the highlight for me. If I’d do it again, which I probably won’t, I’d watch the opening and ending act because you aren’t missing much in between.

I can’t believe I just wrote over 500 words on such a bad movie. I must be a fan. Now, I really need to do something more productive with my day.