Speech of the Week: Two speeches this week.

This week I presented two speeches. One yesterday and another today. 

Yesterday, I presented a speech from the Toastmasters Better Speaker Series titled, Impromptu Speaking to The Power of Toast Toastmasters club that I founded at my company. This speech gives members a five step formula and strategies to use in impromptu speaking situations like job interviews, phone calls, or talking with coworkers or customers.

The second speech I gave today was my humorous speech on the three things Steve Martin’s memoir, Born Standing Up, taught me. This speech helped me complete the fourth project in the Toastmasters advanced manual Humorously Speaking. I’ve been planning to complete this speech for what seems like the last few months but creating the joke sets really got in my way. I was always one of those people who watched a comedy movie or standup and thought that I could do what they do. It was the most challenging speech I had to write and I have a new respect for anyone who has to continuously come up with new jokes.

Next week, I’ll be presenting my Step Into the Arena speech at the District 13 Toastmasters Spring Conference. I’ll be competing against eight other contestants from the distric for the opportunity to go to the Toastmasters International Competition in Washington, DC. 

I’ve spent some time trying to rework my conclusion. My goal for this weekend and upcoming week is to spend the next five or six days practicing my speech and then a solid 24 – 48 hours to relax before The competition.

My last point is that I need to figure how many speeches I’ve given this year. Then I can start keeping a countdown till the end of the year.