Wishing people did poorly

When I was young in high school, my life was going in the wrong direction.  Life wasn’t living up to my expectation.  Sadly, when I’d hear about people achieving the types of things I wanted to achieve then I’d spend my time wishing people failed like I was failing. That way I wouldn’t feel so bad.  Later at one of my jobs, I failed the CFA exam and it was a relief to find out that other people failed too.

What I should have been doing, and what I’ve learned over the years was I should worked to help others succeed.  When I started working from this mindset I found it helped me succeed and made me feel much better for a longer period of time than routing for their failure.

The Muse says this mindset is key for happy people: Happy people don’t forget to be happy for other people. This is one of the reasons I really enjoy Toastmasters.  It allows me to not only work on my public speaking but also help others achieve their goals in public speaking and leadership.


HT themuse