Responsibilities, rewards, & sacrifice 

Some days you have all these plans to accomplish everything on your todo list. Only to be sidetracked by family, work, or some other type of responsibility. Today, I wanted to complete an eight mile run. I woke up around 5:30am only to have my daughter wake up about ten minutes later.

My plan was officially sidetracked. No run today. There are two ways I could have handled this situation: I could complain to my wife so she’d watch her and we’d both be annoyed, decide to not work out the rest of the day, or embrace the fact that this little girl will only want to work up early just so I can hold her for only a little while longer and realize that I can figure out another time to get my run in today or the rest of the week.

The easy thing is to complain about not having the time or things not going your way. That’s all bullshit, not productive, and you won’t hear me do it. Instead I make the time to get the things I really want to do accomplished. If I can’t run today then so be it, maybe there is another form of physical activity I can do while I’m with my kids, or could I go for a run after they go to bed?

That’s a good idea. The next time my goals for the morning are interrupted maybe I’ll try getting out after they’ve went to sleep.  I only have three weeks left until the Pittsburgh Half Marathon.  It’s time to get in those final miles so I can have a fun race day.