Thousands of tiny steps


The above passage is an excerpt from the book, Your Money or Your Life, and it’s meaning is very similar to the blog I wrote about yesterday, Like a marathon. They’re both about the best way to achieve any of your goals.

It comes down to completing two simple steps:

  1. Start.
  2. Keep going.

Simple steps, right? Each of these steps are much more difficult then they sound. In some ways starting seems easy. Starting a diet, workout, routine, habit, or goal seems easy. I’m still a recovering serial starter. On the otherhand, starting can also be difficult. It took me about two years to finally go to my first Toastmasters meeting. I’ve also been reluctant to go networking events and meetups. Out of the two above steps, the first step of starting is much easier than the second 

Keep going. Those two words seem so simple. If they are so simple then can someone tell me why they are so hard to stick to? To keep going on any goal, no matter the size is difficult. I give anyone credit, who can stick to a goal for a specified period of time. 

This is my biggest problem. I start a lot of goals but sticking to them is my biggest issue. That’s what this blog is all about. It’s my commitment to write everyday.

Today, I’m going to think about the goals in my life and how I can break them into a thousand tiny steps.