Any goal you’re trying to achieve can be treated like you’re training to run a marathon.  I’m currently training to run the Pittsburgh Half Marathon for the Light of Life team.  I ran my first full marathon in 2013, and the key to completing a marathon is to complete all of the necessary training in the three or four months before your race.  In short, you need to put in the miles.  Most people aren’t going to be able to run a marathon tomorrow.  Similar to the way you might not be able to get your dream job tomorrow without putting in any of the necessary work. Also, you won’t be able to complete that big project you just started at work tomorrow. You can break the work you need to complete down into small manageable daily goals. Then you can start completing one thing everyday.

That’s how you complete a marathon.  It’s pretty simple. Anyone can do it, but it’s still hard because committing to anything is difficult.  Waking up everyday and sticking to your goal is hard.  Many people don’t want to commit. It could be any number of commitments: running a marathon, waking up at a particular time, writing, practicing, or completing some type of todo at either work or home.  You need to work on them everyday, otherwise, you’ll never be able to complete the marathons in your life.

What are your marathon goals? Think about how you can break those tasks into small manageable goals you can achieve everyday.  Now start completing them.