Speech of the Week: Last Week’s Recap

These past few week’s have been busy and I’ve been continuing my streak of giving a speech for every week of the year.  The only downside is that I feel like I’ve been either giving a prepared speech at the new Toastmasters club I’m helping to start or delivering my Toastmasters International Competition Speech. The last three week’s I’ve either  presented canned speeches or old speeches.  The two canned Toastmasters speeches I presented were Meeting Roles and Responsibilities and Evaluate to Motivate.  The two older speeches I’ve given was my original ice breaker and my Toastmasters International Competition Speech, Step into the Arena.

At last week’s Toastmasters Area Contest for Area 33, I took first place in the International Speech contest and second place in the Evaluation contest.  The first place contestants move on to the Division D contest that will take place this Saturday.  I’m excited to move on to the next round.  There was some good competition, specifically from a Toastmaster from my other club who I’ve seen give a number of very good speeches.  I’ve worked hard on this speech.  Other than my Toastmasters’ Ice Breaker, it’s the only speech I’ve presented more than once.  It was originally presented as a ten minute speech but I think I’m on my tenth rough draft. It’s now about seven minutes.  This past Saturday was the first time I presented it to a live audience with the new conclusion, which I think was the difference between my second place club level finish and my most recent first place finish.

This week, I’m looking forward to practicing my competition speech at least once a day and maybe I’ll present it at one of my club meetings before the Division competition on Saturday.  I’ll also be presenting another canned Toastmasters speech, Controlling Your Fear, at my new club. That speech will be this week’s, Speech of the Week.

The only downside is that I feel like I haven’t been able to write as much new material as I had originally planned.  I have two speeches that are still in development , one about the three lessons Steve Martin taught me and another titled, Selling Fear. I shouldn’t complain.  I used to wish for more opportunities to speak, so I’m going to take advantage of them, but I also want to finish my current speeches that are in development.

Then I’ll start my next speech.