Dropping my G’s

During my past few speeches, I’ve been made aware that I’ve been dropping the g’s off some of the words in my speech, like walkin’, talkin, and speakin’.  I never realized I had this issue but it’s another reason why I go to Toastmasters. Without a place like Toastmasters, I would have never found out about this poor habit.

Now I’m thinking about how to correct the issue.  First, I had to put a name to the issue.  Was is pronunciation? Was it enunciation?

Pronounciation is the way a word is pronounced.  While I’m sure I mispronounce a word sometimes, dropping my g’s was not the same thing.

Enounciation is the act of speaking. Poor enounciation could include mumbling or slurring.

Diction was the term I was trying to find.  Technically, Diction is a broader term than enounciation that includes enounciation and word choice.  In a more practical sense, diction is about speaking clearly.

I found a good article about Diction from Lisa Marshall, The Public Speaker on Quick and Dirty Tips. That offers some ways to practice good diction.  The advice boils down to practicing your plosives, reading tongue twisters, and repeat the speech of someone who has good enunciation.  She recommends repeating a quality podcast like some of the shows produced by NPR.

I’m going to start working on some of these tips today because I want to rid my self of this bad habit.