I want you to give a shit

I want you to give a shit.

Whether you’re making a product, offering a service, or just trying to connect with people, I want you to care and I don’t think I’m the only one. Today, I bought a seven dollar jar of loosely packed pickles. Why would I be willing to pack double or three times the price for pickles? They’re locally made, and they’re were probably the best pickles I have ever tried in life.

This example is similar to the reason I buy craft beer or services recommended by people I know and trust. I choose these options because they actually care about what they are producing. Someone is actually making the beer, it’s not a machine. Someone’s making a decision or the person who runs the company is doing the work. They pick up the phone, they answer my questions, and listen to the suggestions. They aren’t a place without a face. They’re not shipping off jobs to who knows where to save a buck. They don’t sacrifice quality for quantity. Yes, they make a profit. Actually, the make a higher net profit then the mass produced widget your buying. But they definitely make less of them. For now. Maybe they can make it scale. Maybe they’ll never be able to scale it. Maybe they don’t care about scale. Maybe they just enjoy making it and scaling it would ruin the fun.

If you want my business, if you want me to pay more without giving me more quantity, then show me that you give a shit. It’s one thing that can’t be bought.