Your socks don’t match

Sometimes I wear mismatched socks during my running workouts.  Almost every time someone mentions to me that my socks don’t match.  If you’ve ever been picked on in school, or as many colorblind people trying to pick out black or blue dress socks in the early morning hours, then you’ve probably have heard this phrase before.  When I run or workout I’ve begun wearing mismatched socks because it’s a reminder to me about how easily it is to develop an excuse about why we shouldn’t do something to benefit our shelves.

Now I wouldn’t normally skip a workout just because my socks didn’t match.  I haven’t skipped a workout because I forgot my socks, though I wouldn’t recommend completing a long run without socks in typical running shoes.  For me, it’s a metaphor for forgetting anything.  I forgot my towel, body wash, certain clothing depending on the temperature, food, or whatever because there is always an excuse to not do something.

The excuses range from I forgot something, I’m too busy, I’m tired, or I’m hungry so I’ll skip today and just complete my workout tomorrow.  I’ve used all of these excuses.  There are some days that I still use them.  Then the typical results happen.  Making an excuse for one day causes, or allows me, to make an excuse the next day.  Before I know it, I’ve missed multiple days, a week, or even longer.

Wearing mismatched socks makes me realize that things aren’t going to be perfect.  I won’t always have everything I need. I can either make an excuse, or I can go accomplish what I set out to do today.

For today, that means five miles of speed work.