The Muse

Last week, I got really into the website, The Muse.  The Muse labels itself has the ultimate career finder and guidance destination. I’ve read a number of their articles in the past week. If you’re looking for a new job, thinking about the future, or just trying to improve your current skill set then I’d check out the site because their is a ton of useful information.  In the past week, I’ve read articles about becoming a morning person, ways to make yourself better at anything, the one question all successful people can answer immediately, 9 habits happy people ditched a long time ago, 3 strategies that’ll help you laser-focus on almost anything at work, and one of the best articles: 6 ways keeping a journal can help your career.  I’ve help a regular journal at home for years, and Austin Kleon simplified it by introducing me to his daily logbook idea, but for some reason I’ve never had a dedicated journal for work.  It makes sense for someone like me who likes to write out my thoughts.  For about a week, I’ve been writing in this journal and I’ve found it incredibly helpful by allowing me to spend some time thinking about my day, what I’m trying to accomplish, and how I can do the things I’m currently doing better.

If you spend a lot of your time researching productivity then you’ve probably encountered a lot of this advice, but if you don’t I think they do a great job giving you easily digestible information, tips, and tools to incorporate in your life.

Check out The Muse, but beware they structure their articles with at least one or two links that will lead you to more relevant and interesting information.  It can be kind of a rabbit hole.  Trust me.  Last week, I went to the site to look at one thing then an hour later I had about 10 tabs open in my browser with all the new articles I found.