You are special

I’m not a big fan of Facebook and my main purpose is to simply stay in touch with family through sharing pictures and moments.  Yesterday, I actually found a non-photo that I found interesting in my feed.

A friend of my family shared, a video of Charlie Rose interviewing Fred Rogers, who you might know as Mr. Rogers from his long running PBS children’s show.  They talked about a number of things: Fred’s book, inspiring children, creating honest adults, what’s important in life, and how to live your life.

Here are a few stray thoughts I’m thinking about after watching this interview:

  • Thinking about silence.  It’s a noisy world. We don’t spend much time in wonder and away from information.  We’re consumed by media. Staring at a screen while having noise pointed at us.  That’s one of the main reasons I enjoy writing.  I like having some time alone to think about my life.
  • How you should act in front of your children.  Don’t start out trying to teach your kids.  First show them why you love doing it.  How do you you do this? Do what you love in front of your children. If you like fixing things, creating art, playing music, or riding a bike, then start doing those things in front of your kids.  Just do it because you love it. When you do that your kids will see your enjoyment and want to do it with you.
  • Attitudes are not created they are caught. If you want your kids to have a great attitude then you need give them a good example to learn from in their daily lives.  You can create an attitude.  You can only surround yourself with great attitudes or surround you kids with great attitudes.  Similar to the quote, “You are the company you keep.”
  • What’s important?  Be present with the person you are with at the moment.  I don’t know if there is anything more true than that last sentence. How many conversation do you have with people where you know they aren’t paying attention or listening?  They’re just waiting for their turn to talk.  Those are the worst kinds of conversations. I avoid them as much as possible, but we all do it? My goal is about trying to cut down on it.
  • What we can’t see is what’s essential, is what is special?  Fred talks about his faith and his family life.  People know him from his TV persona but it was interesting to hear him talk about how none of that is what really matters to him.  Don’t get me wrong, he loves his job, the show, and helping to teach children, but what is truly important are the parts of his life that happens off screen. His family, faith, and friend.