Too many goals is almost as bad as no goals because you could have the tendency to get about the same amount of work done by the end of the day, nothing.  Too many goals with no priorities makes it easy to jump from one goal to the next without ever concentrating on any one goal for a meaningful amount of time.That’s what I’ve felt like in the past week.  It’s why I’m only going to start writing only one goal down in my daily log. I won’t work on another goal until I feel like I’m satisfied with the amount, and type of work, I competed on my highest priority. Then I’ll write down my second highest priority goal and begin working on it.  

This will be my process until I’ve either run out of time or completed my goals for the day. 

One goal at the top of the page. No where to run, no where to hide. No skipping around acting like I’m accomplishing but instead I’m completing the easy stuff. It’s time to focus on the meat. The reason I choose the goal in the first place. This is where goals get hard. It’s the place where you begin to doubt yourself and what you could possibly achieve.

Don’t worry it’s only the fear of being stupid. Being stupid is okay. Everyone is stupid until you solve the problem.

Keep your head down. Keep working everyday. The answers will come.

Photo credit: @gifkeyboard