Speech of the Week: Toastmasters Meeting Roles and Responsibilities

This past weekend, I wrote a series of posts about the lessons that Steve Martin taught me.   I’ll be turning those blog post into a humorous speech that I hope to present next week.  

Earlier this week, I was offered the opportunity to give a prepared Toastmasters Successful Club Series speech on Meeting Roles and Responsibilities at a new club starting at my company.

The Meeting Roles and Responsibilities speech does exactly what the title would suggest. It outlines the specific roles and the responsibilities for those roles for not only the Toastmasters assigned meeting but also the Toastmasters club officers meeting roles. For this Successful Club Series speech, I’m given an outline of what the speech should include. The outline is not meant to be a script. The goal is to figure out a way to make these canned speeches your own. This speech also includes a prepared PowerPoint slide deck which I’m supposed to use. I’m not a fan of these prepared slides because they’re incredibly boring and I’m not allowed to change the design. It’s a canned design which is the same for every slide and it’s something I’d never normally use, and I strongly suggest you never use them unless required.

I’m a believer in Garr Reynolds presentation philosophy which he wrote about in his excellent book, Presentation Zen. I think I’ve written a blog post in the past about this subject but, based on the above tangent, I think I need to write about it more. Plus, I’m building a Powerpoint at work and I’m constrained to a preapproved slide design.  I need to figure out a way to be creative in these closed design environment.

Lastly, I need to start placing a countdown for the number of speeches I’ve given and how many I have to go to complete my goal of a speech every week.