Dad’s Life Lessons Update

Last year, I posted a blog post, Dad’s Life Lessons, about my goal to write some lessons I wanted to teach my children. I then started publishing simple one-line quotes of actual lines, which were sometimes meant to be funny, about what my children should or should not do. The one thing I started realizing that I was telling them a lot of things not to do. While I think there are a lot of things small kids shouldn’t do, for example: hitting there sister. I don’t want this book to be the don’t do these things book. I guess it’s inevitable the book will end up being mixed with stories about Dos and Don’ts. I want to make sure that it’s an even distribution. At the time I thought about coming up with about 100 ideas. I think’ll end up generating that many ideas but I don’t know if I’ll turn all 100 into full blog posts. That’s the big difference this year. Instead of simply posting a one sentence Dad’s Life Lesson, I’ll be writing a full blog post around each lesson. By the end of the year, I want to combine those writings into a book and print a hardback for each of my kids to keep in their room.

My goal is that one day when they’re older they’ll pick it up and read the lessons. I hope it will make them laugh and maybe they’ll think further about the topic. Then they’ll always have an answer about what their Dad thought about a certain issue in their lives. One day they might pass it down to their children. Most importantly, one day when I’m gone they’ll have something to help them understand how I felt about life and realize how much I love them.