Give me an idea

Give me an idea that jump starts our sales, a product people can’t live without, or a marketing campaign that captures more attention. That’s also what all employers, investors, and customers really want from the people they hire.

Anyone can perform a task. Anyone can perform a job were you are told exactly what to do. Yes, employers will pay you to do those kinds of job, but is that the kind of job you want? A job where you’re a cog in the wheel, where you take the salary that is given, and you’re stuck trying to find the carrots while avoiding the sticks.

What employers want, what they need, and what we all need our people who can create ideas.  If you can produce ideas on a regular basis then, not surprisingly, people will pay for them.

How many people do you know who complain about not having any ideas? Are you one of those people?  I know I was at one point in my life.  Not anymore.  Now, I’m going to be the guy with the ideas but it’s won’t be through shear luck.  It’s from putting in the work everyday.  I’m building the Idea Machine everyday.  You don’t end up looking like, The Rock, by going to the gym once every few weeks.  That’s why I’m writing lists, blog posts, and speeches.  I want to be the guy everyone calls for an idea.

I want to be the idea guy. The idea guy never takes what is given because everyone wants his services.  The idea guy has to be able to turn down opportunities.  That’s the hardest part of his job. Deciding what is worth his time. Everyone wants time with the idea guy because finding someone who can produce regular ideas is so rare.  Once someone has established that they have the ability to create ideas then companies are willing to pay for it.

Good news is that, though we might not be able to all look like The Rock, we can all become our own Idea Machines by simply practicing everyday. But that’s the key.  Are you willing to practice everyday? Most people are not.