Make excellent mistakes

This blog post is titled after the fifth lesson from, The Adventures of Johnny Bunko, by Dan Pink.

Everyone is afraid of making a mistake in school, around your friends, and in a game.  We’re taught as children that we should avoid making mistakes.  We were rewarded for following the rules, practicing the steps, and coloring in the lines.  It was that simple.

We grew up, went to elementary school, high school, and even college we’re shown the following: if we do things this way, we get a that reward.  Then we graduated from college and started looking for a career.  If you went to the right school and got a degree in the correct major, then you could usually find the next reward, which was a full-time job at some corporation.

In a year or a few years, you found yourself feeling strange.  You followed the rules but you’re not happy.  Why were we unhappy if you followed the plan that your parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents all agreed upon? Because we followed a lie. We we’re punished for making mistakes in school, in life, and at work.  When we should have been learning how to make the right kind of mistakes.  Don’t be afraid of making mistakes.  Figure out ways to put yourself into situations where you can make good mistakes. Get yourself out of your comfort zone.

Screw up.

Learn from it.

Then figure out how to move forward.