Today’s feature image is probably a sign that Fitness 19 should probably hire a professional copywriter and editor.  I’d imagine a business as big as this one would have atlas one or two on staff to handle all their promotional materials. If so, it didn’t help them to make the same mistake of using ‘to’ instead of ‘too’ on both the front and back of their most recent flyer.

I’m not the best editor.  In my previous posts you’ll find a lot of mistakes, but I’m one guy working a full time job with two small kids. Most days I’m lucky if I can find a half an hour to write a blog post.  In the beginning, I didn’t spend much time editing my writing.  I didn’t have the time.  I liked James Alchuter’s method of not editing. He simply writes and never looks back.

Two things changed my mind. One, I’d like to be that simple but I’m not James Alchuter.  He’s a crazy smart former hedge fund manager and he’s basically a genius.  Two, books like William Zinners, On Writing Well, taught me that the rewriting process is the most important step in producing anything worth reading.  The whole point of this blog is based on my goal of becoming a better writer.  Ignoring my mistakes doesn’t help me in the long run. Figuring out a strategy to spend some time rewriting and editing each of my posts at least once will help me improve.

I wasn’t the first person to notice these errors on the Fitness 19 flyer.  I glanced right over them but my wife who’s an editor look at this ad for a second, looked at me, and said, “They used ‘to’ instead of ‘too’ twice on this flyer.”

Some people will look at this and glance over the mistake. Other people will catch it in a matter of seconds.  A simple mistake of not proofreading your weekly flyer will impact the way people view your business.  People may start to think: if they can’t proofread their advertisements, what else might they be skipping out on?