What’s in common

Steve Martin

Micheal Jordan

Seth Godin

Kanye West

Fred Wilson

Gary Vaynerchuk

Barack Obama

Paul McCartney

Ronald Regan

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Tim Ferris

Jerry Sienfeld

Tom Brady

Bruce Springsteen

Cal Ripken

John Stockton

Niel Tyson

Kevin Kelly

Steven Pressfield

Tony Robbins

What does this short list of people have in common?  Persistence.

All of these people are talented but they would not be where they are today without being persistent with their practice of their chosen craft. Practicing their craft wasn’t solely about a path to money. It was about the love of the process.  That eventually lead them to a financial benefit.  Many of us have it the other way around.  We focus on the money. Not the things we love to do enough to practice them everyday. It’s all about Persistence.