There is no plan

I used to have a plan.  I’ve written about this many times before. I was a pretty good student. I worked hard. I went to college and finally decided on a major of finance and economics because it was practically. Basically, I could get a job with that kind of major. I got a job in Corporate Finance at a large multinational corporation.  In a few years, I planned on going to get my MBA part-time so I could continue working and my company would pay for it.  I should have been happy but I wasn’t.  Actually, I was miserable.

I had a plan that everyone told me was the right plan.  It was perfectly sensible and I followed it.  Once I completed almost everything on my list, I figured out that the plan was wrong because there is no plan.

That’s why it’s been so refreshing to read, The Adventures of Johnny Bunko, by Daniel Pink. It’s a short comic book that describes the journey of Johnny Bunko. I person like you and me, who had a plan and it wasn’t working.  When Dan describes, Johnny’s plan I felt like he was reading my mind.  I need to find an old blog post where I feel like I describe the almost exact same feeling of my old plan that I tried to recreate about.

Dan’s book uses this short comic to walk the reader through the six essential steps to succeed in your life. Some of you may have seen these six lessons before but I love this short format.  It reminds me of a shorter and less confusing version of, The Goal.

I read this book twice in the past two days.  You can easily complete it in an hour or two.   I agree with the title, it will be the last career guide you’ll ever need.