A few boys from Comption created one album that helped start the Gangsta Rap genre and set off a larger debate about race, inequality, abuses of power, and freedom of speech.

Other stray thoughts:

  • A good movie with underrated performances by most of the cast. Ice Cube’s son playing his father was spot on.
  • I think they left out a lot of unflattering details. I remember reading a good tweet that stated this movie should have been titled, “an autobiography of NWA as approved by Dr. Dre & Ice Cube.
  • It’s funny to think how Dr. Dre & Ice Cube started as hardcore gamgsta rappers. Now, Dr. Dre works for Apple and Ice Cube makes comedy movies like Daddy Daycare.
  • The group was powered by two incrediblely talented individuals: Dr. Dre & Ice Cube. Dre made the beats and Cube wrote the lyrics.
  • Who was more important? In my opinion I think it’s Dr. Dre’s beats. I believe most people judge a song based on it’s sound first, lyrics second. Both have to blend but I usually write off a song in the first 15 – 30 seconds.