I spent the day either getting ready for the Super Bowl, hanging with family, and watching the game at a family party.

It was a defensive game which means most people thought it was incredibly boring. I enjoyed it. Von Miller should be the MVP for his two big turnovers but the Denver defense as a whole won this game. 

Peyton Manning ends his career on a high note with this Super Bowl victory. He was only a piece of the puzzle. Once again he was the smartest man on the field and he didn’t make any mistakes. This is his final game. He’ll go down as the best quarterback, at least statistical. I’m sure Tom Brady supporters would love to debate that fact.

The halftime show was boring. Can they quite throwing a mixture of Beyoncé, Bruno Mars, and someone who is no longer relevant. I haven’t listened to Coldplay in over a decade. I think the players should vote on the halftime show. I want an NWA reunion.

The biggest disappointment of the night was the commercials. Why did these companies waste their money? Only ones I liked were Kevin Hart tracking his daughter and Amazon’s Alec Baldwin vs Dan Marino.

Now, I’m going to pass out from this food coma. Goodnight.