We’re all selling. It doesn’t matter if we’re selling products or ourselves. For the past week, I’ve been listening to Zig Ziglar’s audiobook, “Sales Mastery Academy.”

I’m not a salesman. I never wanted to be one when I was going to college. Actually, I never even wanted to get into Business because the only people I knew who majored in Business were salesman. It always sounded like an awful job. When I first started college, I wanted to major in Biology. I loved science and I still do but at the time I couldn’t imagine going to school for about seven more years so I could earn PhD. That’s when I decided to take a more practical choice and I majored in Finance and Economics. Part of me still regrets that choice.

The funny thing is that it probably wouldn’t have mattered. I majored in Finance and Economics with the goal of never becoming a salesman. I could have majored in Biology with the goal of never becoming a salesman.

Today, I find my self selling all day long. I’m Anaylst for a large bank where I do a mix of financial analysis, business analysis, and data analysis. I don’t sell a product for a company. I sell my services. I sell myself to my boss, their boss, my employer, coworkers, perspective employers, and really everyone I come in contact with on a daily basis. Call it growth, call it networking, call it whatever you want but what it all really ends up being is selling.

The surprising thing I’ve been thinking about is how this wouldn’t be much different if I would have stuck with Biology. I’d still be selling myself. I’d be selling myself to a college or Dean to earn tenure. I’d selling to get grant money, find sponsors, inspire my students, sell books, deliver talks to have people believe in my work.

We’re all selling everyday. It doesn’t matter your profession, you are selling. That means you should probably take an interest in how to sell because most of us never take a course in it during all our years of education.

That’s my I’m listening to this audiobook. I’m trying to sell myself through this blog, to potential employers, to my boss for promotions,at networking events, and to my coworkers so people want to work with me.

In my Toastmasters’ manual, I need to conplete a speech about selling a product or service. I’ll be trying to sell my services. If i can sell a product or service so why don’t i sell my services. Plus, it’s a great way to write a resume, a LinkedIn Summary, or an about me page. 

No matter what your profession, always remember your ABCs.

A – Always

B – Be

C – Closing

Photo Credit: TM SME on Pinterest