Speech of the Week: Writing jokes is hard

I need to write some jokes for a speech for my next Toastmasters speech which I’ll be giving on Friday. I have my speech written but the project calls for at least two sets that each contain three jokes.  I have to use a set of jokes between my speech points.

I’m surprised by how hard of a time I’m having trying to write jokes for this speech.  Writing a speech with only two joke sets has been one of the hardest projects I’ve encountered in a Toastmasters manual. I’ve been able to write a funny story, speech, and even a few jokes placed separately in my speeches but coming up with three jokes has proven difficult.

This is an easy project to make an excuse.  It’s an easy speech to screw up, look dumb, and not funny. That’s why I need to accomplish.  I’d rather crash and burn while trying. Then be safe and never knowing if I could accomplish this speech. This week my goal is to simply write two joke sets.  Then trim my last speech and use those joke sets in the speech.