It’s too cold. 

I’m tired. 

I’m hungry. 

I don’t know. 

It’s too hot.

It’s raining.

It’s snowing.

I’m sore.

I’m bored.

I’m busy.

It’s too far.

I don’t want to go outside.

I don’t have the proper gear.

I don’t have a bike.

I don’t have the right shoes.

I don’t need to practice.

I’m okay.

I can’t.

I don’t want to.

I want to do something else.

I’m scared.

I don’t know how.

I can’t write.

I can’t give a speech.

I can’t teach.

I can’t code.

I’m not good at math.

I don’t like to study.

I forgot my stuff.

I forgot my towel.

I forgot my shower supplies.

My spouse won’t let me.

I didn’t get in.

No one picked me.

I got turned down.

She won’t like me.

I have nothing to say.

I do nothing special.

I don’t have a talent.

I’m not any good.

We all have them. When you get to the next challenge in your life will you come up with an excuse or will you focus on your goal and push to achieve it.