I’ve been thinking about fear. A number of my goals deal with me overcoming a type of fear.  They range from public speaking, learning something new, meeting new people, working out, meditating, expressing gratitude, finances, and getting what needs to get done in my work and home. Most of these deal with the fear of rejection.  It’s a type of fear that severely impacted my life at one time.

Many people, myself included, try not to look stupid but that’s exactly what I want to not worry about in the coming year.  It’s okay to look stupid.  Actually, it’s important.  Whether I’m giving a speech, learning an instrument, trying a new workout, writing a blog post, drawing a picture, or dancing with my kids, I’m sure it looks comical sometimes.  Some of it probably looks stupid.

That’s the fear. The fear of worrying about what others think.  Everyday we live with fear.  It’s worse for some of us than for others. Usually these fears are overblown.  They were in my case. I’ve found that most people will either ignore you or offer positive encouragement.  There might be some people out there that disagree with you but why should you care.  You shouldn’t.  The important people in your life will support you.

Most of the fears in our life aren’t going to do us bodily harm.  Some do, so you should definitely stay away from those types.  Some fear is good, but you can’t let it dictate your life.

Each day face your fears.  Seek out what makes you uncomfortable.  That’s probably exactly what you need to start doing today.