As a child you love it anytime it snows but it’s especially when it snows enough during the week to cancel school for the day. A snow day is probably one of the best days of a child’s life. The day is usually spent outside sled ridding and having fun with friends and family

As a teen it’s still great to get a day off from school and you haven’t yet passed the socially acceptable age to keep you from sled ridding all day long.

As a adult without children, there are two paths that emerge. People who ski or snowboard and those who don’t. The former group of people love the winter months. The later either get sick of the people who love to ski or snowboard because they view most of them as spoiled yuppie kids who spent their childhood spending their winter month weekends at their parent’s chalet, or they would just rather sit inside with an adult beverage and watch the snow fall like in, A Christmas Story.

As an adult with kids, you probably dislike the snow during the week either because it ruins your commute or you need to find an alternate form of babysitting while your kids have the day off from school. The positive is you can finally go sled ridding and have snowball fights with your children.

That’s one of the great things about having kids.  If you were the lone adult without kids sled ridding at the park.  Most people would think you’re pretty weird.  They would also tell their kids to stay away from you.

If you have kids, you’re just being a father.

Let it snow.