Last week I completed, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot  by David Shafer.  I listened to the audiobook on the Overdrive app.  I discovered this book through Seth Godin’s blog post, End of the year book and audio roundup.  It’s a funny, fresh, and inspiring story about three people who get caught up in a type of international thriller which hops all over the world.  You’ll laugh, think, and be kind of terrified about the possibilities of what companies could one day do with all the data they’re collecting on us.

I bought a smart watch about a week before I read this book.  This book might have me regretting that decision when you think about all the information they now have on me.  By the end of the book you might finding yourself covering up your computers webcam with a post-it note.

Isn’t that the sign of a good book?  The ones that changed you.  Though maybe it doesn’t mean change you into a more paranoid person.  I don’t think this book does that but t’s hard not to rethink how all of this information we’re posting online will be one day used against us.

I highly recommend.