During Table Topics at my Friday morning Toastmasters club, the Topicsmaster asked a question about what is something you’ve always wanted to learn, or start doing, but you’ve never done in your life.  I thought about one of my goals for 2016 of learning to play an instrument, but it made me think about something I used to love as a child.


I never draw anymore but when I was a child you’d never find me without some crayons, or pencil, and some paper.  I could draw for hours. My family, probably, figured out it was a good babysitter because I could do it for hours on end if given enough materials.

My grandmother on my father’s side wanted someone to go to church in her family.  She was a women who went to church every Sunday.  She never learned to drive so my father would drop her off every Sunday but never go in.  When I was a young child, she decided that someone in this family was going to have some religion.  Every Sunday, my father would drop grandmother and I off at church, we’d sit in her spot, she’d hand me a notebook and a church pew pencil, and I’d draw for the next hour.  It was a Presbyterian  church. Towards the beginning of the mass, they would have all the children come up to the front of the church for a lesson and then send them off to Sunday School. I’d never join them.  I’d sit with my grandmother and draw, while trying to keep my sound effects to myself.

I used to draw military battle scenes of usually tanks, airplanes, battleships, and submarines. I don’t know why. I think it  had something to do with my two grandfathers, who served in World War II.

I want to start drawing a few times a week. Nothing serious. I’m not worried if it looks good or professional. All I want to do is draw. It’s funny and ridiculous to say this, but I’d like to go back to drawing those silly little childhood drawings. An example is the feature image of the day.

I’ve talked about creating my own handwritten business cards. Eventually, I’d like to start putting those military cartoons on one side along with a few words that relates to business or life, and then list my information in the other side.

More importantly, I want to go back to something I loved but lost as I became an adult. My goal is to keep those traits alive as long as I possibly can in my own children. The question I ask myself is this: 

“If I don’t keep at it, why should they?”