I made the same goal last year and I began working on two book ideas. This year I’m going to publish at least one of them. The book I want to complete is a book of life lessons titled, Dad’s Life Lessons.

It will contain about ten – twenty lessons with a picture I’ve taken for each one. Then I’ll to write a few paragraphs about each lesson about why it’s important.

In the end I want to print two copies for my kids and place one in each of their rooms.


A number of times, I’ve written about losing my father.  It’s made me think about what my kids would know about me if I passed away today.  I don’t have anything written down for them, other than this blog and my notebooks. Most of that writing isn’t really geared towards them.  They would only know me from pictures, videos, and what others would tell them.  I want this book to explain to them what I think is important, how to live your life, and what I wish for them in the future.

Each lesson will be something I’ve actually said to them.  They’ll be a mixture of both funny and serious. I hope one day they’ll read this book and it will help them understand what this crazy thing called, life, is all about.  I hope it will make them laugh, think, and one day share the advice with their children and the other people they love.

I also hope I’m around to see it happen and we can talk about the book.  I hope they never have to use this book as their only resource to find out what kind of man their father was when they were too young to know me.

If that is the case, then at least I’ll know they have this book that contains a little bit of what I want them to know.

That’s why I’ll be publishing this book by the end of the year.