Less than 100%

At the end of this week and through the weekend, a stomach illness was working it’s way through my entire family. This weekend my wife and I finally came down with it.

This weekend we’ve been less than 100% and I’ve accomplished much less than what I planned to complete. Times like this make you realize what’s necessary. For me, one of those necessary things is my writing. This month I signed up for the 750 words monthly challenge in December and I’ve been writing 750 words every day this month. 

This weekend, I wasn’t feeling great and I could have thrown in the towel on the 750 words and my daily blog post because I didn’t feel like it, but I didn’t. That’s because writing every day is important. It’s my affair. I’m planning to do it every day no matter how I feel.

Yesterday and today, I’ve felt awful but it hasn’t been enough to stop me from completing my goals.  I’ll fight to complete them every day for however little time I have.

What are you fighting for in your life?