This week, I’ve been completing the pre work for my new Pick Four goals but I also want to have some side goals for the other areas of my life that I don’t want to neglect.  These side goals aren’t big projects that will take a considerable amount of time to complete each night but they are something to complete ever day that can help me become a balanced person.  

How do you create balance in your goals?

In the Pick Four notebook there are seven main areas to balance.  My main pick four goals represent Career, Financial, Social, and Mental.  The three side goals I’m creating represent the three leftover areas: Family, Physical, and Spiritual. Here are my three side goals to make me a more well rounded and balanced person:
Be Present –  Don’t play on my cell phone around our kids.
Create the habit of completing a nightly and morning routine.
Complete 5 minutes of meditation a day.

These are three goals I’ll complete each day without much extra effort like spending five minutes on my couch in the morning in mediation. putting my cell phone on the bookshelf when I get home from work and not touching it until our kids go to sleep, and creating a morning and nightly routine to help me get to work by 7am, meditate, and complete my other goals in the morning and help, at night, to clean up the house and prepare for the following morning.

Are your goals balanced?