Last week I was talking to an acquaintance about blogs being a source of income and comments.  I’ve written about my thoughts on comments on a past post and why this blog doesn’t have them.  That doesn’t mean I’ll never implement comments.

As far as making money from this blog. That’s not the purpose of writing this blog.  Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t complain if someone decided they wanted to sponsor this site or pay me. I don’t hate money but I don’t see or expect this blog to become a way to generate revenue through ad revenue or sponsorship.

The reason I started writing everyday was to improve my writing skills. It was also to create the habit of shipping on a daily basis. The goal of this blog has turned into a place where I can create and showcase my trail. It’s a place where I can work through my ideas and express my form of art. Then come back to them at a later date. I see this blog as eventually leading to revenue because I can point potential employers and customers to this site, and they can get an idea of the type of person I am, what’s important to me, what I’ve worked on, and what I want to achieve. It’s also a place where I can generate ideas for my next speech, a book, or one day a paid gig to talk about my writing and experience.

In short, this site isn’t about generating revenue on it’s own but it’s about leading to revenue as a way for me to create content like speeches, books, and ideas to help me land a new gig, be asked to talk at an event, or be able to formulate my next idea.

On this blog I write about a lot of short term issues and projects in my life but it’s all about the long term.  I think the pay off will come after I continue to publish daily blog posts for five or ten years.  Still, I don’t think the payoff will come from paying for my work on this blog. The payoff will come from the work I complete that was inspired from the writing I’m completing everyday.

It’s the drip method.

Drip, drip, drip.

Image by Corey Keller