A few weeks ago, my wife told me about a great quote she found from Brene Brown about how to make time for your passion.  I’ve tried to find the quote online but I’ve been unsuccessful so I’ll try to restate it here:

You need to treat your passion like an affair.  People who have affairs also have family, work, and many other responsibilities but they still find the time to go to hotels and get away because it’s so important to them.  This is the way you need to treat your passion.  You need to make time to write, dance, workout, read, play music, or whatever it is you want to accomplish.

Is your passion as important? If so, then do what ever it takes to make some time to accomplish it.  Wake up ridiculously early.  Stay up way past your typical bedtime. Work on it during you lunch break. Get to work a little early or stay late. Grab a coffee. Go to the library. Instead of watching that next episode on TV, read a book, write a chapter, create a speech, learn a song, practice some code, or whatever it is that’s important to you.

These are the things you need to do if you want achieve your goals. For most of us the only excuse we have is our own.

What excuse are you using today?