There is a sweet little old lady who lives down the street from me.  She’s always extraordinarily nice and optimistic.  Anytime you see her she always says, “Hello.”  She says it in an old-timey kind of way like, “How do you do?” Add a weird Adam Sandler accent along with him dressed as an old lady smiling at you.  It’s not that creepy but it’s just as animated.   Her whole body pretty much says, “hello.”  When she raises a hand to say hi, she cocks her head to the side, and tilts her whole body like she’s trying to keep her balance on a trapeze wire.

The thing I admire about her is her constant optimism and enjoyment for the simply pleasures of life, such as comfortable weather and a beautiful sky.  The other day I was raking leaves. It’s was a beautiful day before Thanksgiving and I had my head down focusing on the work that needed accomplish before dinner time.  When I heard a, “Hello.”

I looked up, say her walking past, I smiled, and said, “hello,” back to her.

Then she asked, “Have you looked up at the sky today? It’s a beautiful blue with out a single cloud in the sky.”

At that moment I realized I hadn’t noticed how beautiful the sky looked today or how great of a day we were experiencing especially when thinking about how it’s the day before Thanksgiving in Pittsburgh.

This is how most of us go through life.  Most of us are focused on what needs to get done today that we never take the time to appreciate the amazing things happening around us.  The holidays, years, other people, and opportunities pass us by because we’re so locked into our short term to-do lists.

Have you appreciated the little things this past weekend?  All the positive things in your life that make life worth living.

Have you looked up at the sky today?