A few weeks ago, I read that Twitter is creating a news division and they were going to launch Moments onto the Twitter app. I don’t know if Twitter will publishing there own material. I wouldn’t be surprised if they do because content is king.

Moments tries to curate Twitter. Curation is a difficult task and it requires real talent to pull it off right. 

Everybody curates. You form opinions about a lot of things ranging from news, books, movies, clothes, ideas, and the opposite sex.

The problem with other people curating things for you is that it takes a tremendous amount of trust to let someone else curate your news in today’s world but today is exactly when curation is needed the most.

Even ten or twenty years ago, most of us still depended on local or national TV news to catch up on current events. The other option was to read your local paper or a national edition of the New York Times.  If an event wasn’t on the nightly news or the front page of the paper than it wasn’t that important. 

That was in a society were space was limited. There are only so many stories that can fit into a thirty or sixty minute time slot with commercials or on the front page of the paper. People at those companies determined the news. They were the curators.

Now we live in the long tail society. There is the long tail of everything. Curation is harder in the long tail. It takes more skill especially when done on a product like Twitter. The good thing is that there are a lot of talented people doing curation on the Internet. Two of my favorites are dealing with different topics. Jason Hirschhorn’s Redef newsletters, specifically the MediaREDEF, a daily newsletter including a rant by Jason, a quote of the day, and then a series of articles that are always thought provoking. Redef has other newsletters dealing with music, fashion, sports, and tech. That’s too much content for me so I usually stick to media.

The other newsletter I’m a fan of is Brain Pickings by Maria Popova. It’s a mixture of science, writing, art, and books. It’s smart and makes me feel like I’m learning something I would have never discovered any other way.This is the power of good curation. It takes niche topics and gives you great content you never would have found on your own. 

That’s really not true and it’s also not the real value of curation. I could have found these articles if I was motivated enough but I would have spent hours trying to find them and probably reading a lot of crap along the way. Curation saves you time. I don’t want to spend an entire day trying to find something good to read.

Give me interesting information when I want it. Save me the time of having to find it on my own. Make it content I wouldn’t have been able to find through another curator.