Daily Goals

My Daily Goals:

These are the daily things I need to accomplish to feel like I had a full day.  These daily goals usually incorporate a few of my current goals that I use to make sure my life is in balance.

1. Read

I need to read something thought-provoking that makes me think and helps me learn something new.

Throughout the year, I’ve been concentrating on completing my reading goal of completing twenty-six books or roughly a book every two weeks.  I’m on number 20 so I need to do some catching up to hit this goal.

The other mental challenge that has to do with reading.  The past weeks, I’ve been trying to learn five new words a day to increase my vocabulary and help improve my writing. This was inspired by the Seth Godin’s post, “Does vocabulary matter?

2. Write

Write about what I’m learning, what I think about it, and work through my ideas and thoughts.

Almost everyday for the past year, I’ve been writing and publishing a daily blog post on this site.  On November 30, 2015, I’ll have written 365 posts in the past year.  I’m a few posts behind but I’ll get there.  On December 1, I’ll start back again with the goal of publishing a daily blog post for a consectutive year and not missing a day in the process.

3. Move(&Sweat)

In the simplest form my goal is to break a sweat every day.  Though on a hot day that could only consist of my mile long walk to work.  The real point of the goal is to get my body moving to the point where I can release some energy and frustration while getting a good workout.  Usually this consists of running or lifting weights but it can also be completed during a full day of playing with my children or taking my dog on a long walk.

My current goal related to daily exercise is to run my second full marathon and my first as a full marathon charity runner for a local organization.

4. Eat Well

This goal combined with goal three is to help ensure I’m healthy enough to watch my kids grow up, become adults, and enjoy every moment spending time with their kids.  My life will not be jeopardized by my own actions.

5. Get Outside

Spend as much time as I can outdoors.  It’s easy to take for granted but towards the end of my life I imagine it will be something I’ll regret I didn’t do more of.  Go outside, feel the breeze and the temperature on your face, breath the fresh air, take in this beautiful all around you, and realize that all those feelings mean that you’re alive.  It’s one of the greatest gifts we receive in life.

6. Express Gratitude

Everyday I’m practicing gratitude.  To be grateful for the important things in my life: family, friends, dog, opportunities, food, shelter, and money in my pocket. I am blessed with abundance but, sometimes, it’s easy think about the things I don’t have in life.

The other thing I’m practicing is to say, “Yes,” more othen and be present in life.  I want to be the best husband and father I possibly can. There is always something that needs to be done but I need to remember to put down my phone, close the MacBook, and be present in my life and with my family. Take an interest in people. Family, friends, coworkers, and others with a similar interest.  I won’t look back on life wishing I answered one more email or completed another task.  I’ll regret not making a connection with someone I care about or missing out on a new friendship.

7. Pray / Meditate

Before bed or sometime during the day, I need to reflect on my day and my life.  This can be completed either through daily prayer or simply spending some time in mediation with my thoughts.  It doesn’t have to take long time to be meaningful.  I think short intervals of prayer and mediation can work wonders and allow you to assess your life

8. Top 3

Lastly, I hope each day I’m able to complete my top 3 items on my to-do list to give me a sense of accomplish that I was able to move forward with my main goals.

Tomorrow, I’ll talk about my four main goals for the end of the year.