No More Resumes

Last week, I was listening to a new episode of the, Ask Gary V Show, where he was asked a question about resumes. I believe it had to do with what is the 2016 version of the resume. The person wanted to know if they should be making a short video for their resume or some other format. I loved Gary Vaynerchuk’s answer.

Gary said, “if you’re still sending out a resume for jobs then you’ve already lost.” He believes to be the only way to search for a job is to network. He likes to build up leverage or take on a business or new project if he has some type of competitive advantage. That’s what networking does for your career.

We live in an ear where we can actually reach out to try to talk to anyone and there is a chance they might actually respond to you. For an example Gary recommends that if you want to work in PR, go follow the top 50 PR executives and get in on the conversation.  One out of 60 might respond to you invitation to get a coffee.

Your goal for any job interview is for them to know you before you walk in the door. Networking allows you to do that. It also removes the whole idea of them not knowing who you are and if you’ll actually fit in.

Quit sending out hundreds of resumes hoping someone will pick you. A far better use of your time is to go out and connect with people. People like, Seth Godin, talk about us living in the Connection Economy. 

It doesn’t only apply to your job. It also applies to how you get the job.