Must Love Data & Code Mondays: Preparing for Bonfires & MapReduce


The past week, I spent completing all the Free Code Camp sections to be able to start the first round of Bonfires on Basic Algorithm Scripting. In this section I’ll be working with JavaScript to run a series of different tests on pieces of code, figure the bugs, and correct them. 

There also is a section to include you paired programming partner. I still need to figure out how this works in Free Code Camp. When I originally started FCC in June, they used Screen Hero to solve this task but that has since been bought by Slack and discontinued. 

For this week, I’m also going to switch up my coding routine from the mornings to the night so I can try finding a partner to complete some of the bonfires because it’s suppose to be an important part of the process to make it more realistic to what you’ll experience as a full time developer. Plus, it’s much faster to complete.

The first Bonefire is estimated to take 50 hours to complete 16 tasks. This is where the dip begins. I’ve completed most of the easy stuff. Now the work and upcoming frustration begins. I’d imagine this is where most people quite.


The other major career / data work I completed last week was the first week of my two week goal to complete each session of the University of Washington’s Introduction to Data Science offered through Coursera. It’s the third week, MapReduce, where I completed the first half of the courses which were a basic overview of the theory behind MapReduce and some examples. 

This next week, I’ll be learning implementation and completing the week’s project.

Next week, I’ll talk about my progress in Free Code Camp’s Bonfires and the completed MapReduce project.