There are times we you need to focus on the hustle, goals, and daily improvements. Especially, when you start a family it’s more important to realize when you need to take some time not just for yourself but to spend quality time with your family.

These moments for me, during the week,?are right when I get home from work and after dinner, then after the kids go to bed I go back to work. On the weekends, I still wake up around 5am, before anyone wakes up, so I can get some work done. That way I can spend the rest of the day doing what’s important in life. Playing with my kids, spending time with family & friends, and drinking a glass of wine with my wife.

I know everyone wants to concentrate on the hustle but at the end of your life people don’t look back look regretting the time they should have spent working. They feel regret about the time they missed with someone they loved. 

Doing something you’re passionate about is great but don’t forget to live a full life. Go cultivate some relationships, find a new friend, someone to love and reciprocates that love, or repair / strengthen a current relationship.

Life is about sharing in experiences with other people. Life can’t and shouldn’t be done alone. 

Go find someone to share your part of the world.