There are moments in life that drive home the finality of it all. Eventually, this wonderful experience, called life, will end and maybe the question of what it all meant will hang in the air.

Tonight as I am about to go to bed, one-hundred and fifty-three innocent people lost their lives. There are some people in this world who believe the killing of innocent people will make us all cower in fear and destroy the way we live. It’s a stupid thought.

When our freedom is threatened there is the opposite effect. We do not run in fear, we as a people stand united. No matter where in the world we are located.

I’m not French and I’ve never had the opportunity to visit the great city of Paris but tonight all the free people of the world are one. Similar to 9/11.

This is an attack against all of us. Stand united. Choose love over hate.

Pray for the people of Paris but don’t worry about the actual city. Why?

Again Twitter was the my main source of information about tonight’s events. While I was looking through the moment, The world shows support for Paris, I discovered this tweet from Quilting Muriel:

The city has been the epicenter of some of the greatest achievements in history whether it’s science, art, or economics. America owes it’s freedom, some it’s greatest works of fiction, and our most popular symbol of freedom, the Statue of Liberty to Paris.

Don’t worry about Paris because it will still be here tomorrow and, like New York, it will emerge stronger than ever.