Must Love Data & Code: MapReduce, jQuery, JavaScript, and Object Oriented & Functional Programming

Last week, I focused on getting back into Free Code Camp where I completed the first four sections that mainly dealt with HTLM5 & CSS and Responsive Design with Bootstrap.  This week my goal is to complete jQuery, Basic JavaScript, and Object Oriented & Functional Programming. My main overall goal is to complete one hour of code a day.  Then the following week I can start the 50 hours of Basic Algorithm Scripting. I think that’s really where this challenge begins and where most people quite.

It’s one thing spending an hour or two playing with HTML, Bootstrap, or JavaScript. It’s another thing spend 50 hours on Algorithm Scripting or 100 hours on Basic Front-End Development Projects. After this week I’ll have completed most of the easy stuff.  Now the work begins, as Seth Godin likes to talk about when referring to your goals.  I guess this could be referred to as the “Dip.”  It’s the point when you decide to stick or quite.  I’m excited to get through this easy week and start putting in the work to learn the full-stack.

Also this week, I’m going to get back into the University of Washington’s Coursera course about the introduction to Data Science.  I left off on week 3, Map Reduce, because I was refocusing on Free Code Camp.  I’m not going to try to overload myself so I’m going to start lengthening the courses weekly schedule into two weeks. I’m planning to complete the course videos and assignment by November 23.  Then I’ll write about the results here.