Speech of the Week: How to Conduct Productive Meetings

This weekend I’ll be giving my longest presentation at the Toastmasters District 13 Fall Conference.  At the conference I’ll be completing my first Toastmaster seminar titled, “How to Conduct Productive Meetings.”  This will complete the fourth project in the advanced toastmasters manual, The Professional Speaker.  This speech needs to be between 20 – 40 minutes.  At the conference, I’ll have 45 minutes to present.

The toastmasters seminar is a prepared speech that comes with a script, that you should elaborate on not memorize, exercises, and prepared slides that I can slightly customize.  Sadly, I need to use their standard template so I won’t be able to use my preferred Presentation Zen style of only using images and as little words as possible.

This has really been my focus all week and I’m excited for the day to come. I’ll be preparing some more tonight, get a good night sleep, and wake up ready to rock tomorrow.

I’m speaking a lot this week.  Not only will I be speaking at tomorrow’s conference, I was the Toastmaster at my Friday morning Toastmasters club and I’ll be the presiding Toastmaster at the PNC PREP Speaks information session during the PNC PREP NOW Conference at 2:15pm.