Weekly Review: Seminar Week

Review of the Past Week

I did not start a side hustle last week but I did write a blog post everyday, presented a my longest speech ever, and had the best Halloween of my life.

Blog Posts Published

Mon: Must Love Data & Code: Read-Search-Ask

Tue: Build a Trail: Standing in Front of NO

Wed: Market Musings: Remembering the Financial Crisis in Tweet Form

Thu: Speech of the Week: Evaluate to Motivate

Fri: Finding Your Dream

Sat: Consumage: The Most Unrealistic Part of the Movie Zookeeper

Speech of the Week

Presented my fourth speech in three weeks during my Friday Prep Speaks Toastmasters Club where I presented, Evaluate to Motivate.  I wrote about this speech in my Thursday Speech of the Week blog post but I’ll give a brief summary here.  This is a prepared speech from the Toastmasters Club Success program, and it included Powerpoint slides and an outline.  The time allotment for the speech was 10 – 15 minutes.  I completed it in 12:37 seconds making it my longest speech to date.

Going Forward…

Blog Schedule

Mon: Coding Everyday

Tue: Build a Trail – Everyday I’m Side-Hustling

Extra Post: Election Day

Wed: Market Musings – Pop Goes the Market

Thu: Speech of the Week – How to Conduct Productive Meetings

Fri: Freestyle – Toastmaster for Toastmasters’ portion of the PNC Prep NOW Conference

Sat: Consumage – Repent

Sun: Review –  Where’s my Side-Hustle?

Speech of the Week

This week I’ll be completing speech 4 of the Toastmasters’ The Professional Speaker manual titled, “The Professional Seminar.”  At the Toastmasters’ District 13 Fall Conference, I’ll be conducting the Toastmasters’ prepared seminar, How to Conduct a Productive Meeting.  This project needs to be 20 – 40 minutes long.  The seminar I’m conducting is listed at an hour but I need to shave off twenty minutes to complete it in my allotted time frame of forty-five minutes. This will be the longest presentation I’ve given and I’m excited about completing this challenging goal. This is my main goal of the week and most of my energy will go towards preparing for Saturday.

Code Everyday

My goal is complete the Codecademy Python tutorial by the end of the week.  I’ve went back and forth on whether I should stick with this goal.  I’ve tried other ways of learning Python and I enjoy the language but I’ve decided to focus on Free Code Camp to really learn how to develop apps on the Full Stack.

Before I do that I want to complete this Python tutorial because I hate not completing something I’ve said I wanted to accomplish.  I want to cross this off my list.  It’s getting done this week.


Last week, I really wanted to focus on this but I got distracted with blog and speeches.  This week most of my time will be put towards preparing for Saturday’s seminar but this is my next highest priority.  My goal is to start diversifying my income now.

It’s time to put my head down and get some work done tonight.