Consumage: The Most Unrealistic Part of the Movie Zookeeper 


I watched the Amy Schumer HBO special last night with my wife. She was killing me with her bit about the Kevin James movie, Zookeeper, which I’ve never seen. She said there is a talking penguin and raccoon, who are friends, but the most unrealistic part of the movie is that Rosario Dawson wants Kevin James. Check out the comedy special.

The Leftovers 

Falls deeper into the rabbit hole. This new season has some many story lines. I can’t to see where they all lead. One thing I can’t get out of my head, what is going to happen once they match Kevin’s hand print on the car.


I’m still finishing Pitch Anything by Oren Klaff. I think I’m in, what I like to call, the kill zone. It’s when I only have enough of a book left to finish in a single reading. It’s a really good read which focuses on the mental design of pitching so you can grab your viewers attention and hold it. 

Yesterday, I read a section about how neediness can destroy your chances of success while pitching. I related this to the job search. Most people are so needy while looking for a new job and they’re happy when someone even chooses to talk with them. 

The key lesson: Neediness kills your appeal in anything you do whether it’s pitching multimillion dollar deals, interviews, or your relationships.


I have one podcast left in Seth Godin’s 15 episode Startup School. If you’re thinking of starting a business then go listen to this now. I’ll be relistening to this many times. I think I’ll gather my notes and do a longer review about the series as a whole. My favorite elisode was, The Dip, which is about the idea behind a shot book Seth wrote about quitting.


This week I’ve been listing to the Gentle Wake Up Indie section on Songza. I’ve been enjoying this type of chill music without a lot of sharp twists or lyrics to focus while I’m working.

I thought I found my new favorite rap playlist on Songza when it started out with The Notorious B.I.G., Kendrick Lamar, Kid Cuti, and Childish Gambino but the list lost me after starting out strong.

What I’m hoping to consume next week.

New episode of the leftovers

Finish Pitch Anything

Finish Seth Godin’s startup school

My goal is to find something eye opening to read.