Build a Trail: Standing in Front of NO

What’s a side hustle?

My definition of a side hustle is any side project/work where your goal is to one day generate income.

I’ve been talking about side hustles for years and how I need to start one to diversify my income. The problem is I’ve always had an excuse about why now wasn’t the right time to start.

I had a lot of NOs in my life.

NO idea

NO experience 

NO free time

NO extra money to invest

For awhile my wife and i kept thinking we should wait to have children. We wanted to wait until we were ready. Until we had the right jobs, made a certain amount of money, saved a certain amount of money, and completed graduate school. 

One day my wife’s mother said something to us that is relevant to starting anything important in your life. 

There will never be the RIGHT time to have children.

I could argue this point a little and I’m sure most of you could as well. If you’re dirt broke with no place to live then having a child is not the best idea. 

The point is that you’ll never have the perfect moment you’re seeking. There will always be a NO standing in your way. It doesn’t matter if it’s about making a big family decision, like having kids, starting a side hustle or business, or taking that trip to Europe you’ve been planning all your life.

Are you letting NO stand in your way?